Down To The
Smallest Detail

We have a wide range of capabilities, including laser cutting, computer numerically controlled (CNC) press brakes, CNC sawing, welding in-shop, portable welding and Auto-CAD design.

We serve, but are not limited to, the following industries: manufacturing, excavating, farming, and landscaping

Agriculture (ONSITE)

A farmer calls with a broken axle on his forage wagon, and we go straight to his field to weld it back together again so he can keep working. We would discuss materials needed and a time frame. In an emergency, a portable welder would be dispatched to the job immediately to get the farmer back to work.

Agriculture (IN SHOP)

A farmer calls with a broken skid-loader bucket and asks for a new cutting edge. We would discuss repairs and determine the cutting-edge size needed. Once the bucket is received and all materials are in place, the damaged parts would be repaired and the old cutting-edge would be removed for the new one to be welded on.


The repair process is very similar to agricultural with different equipment. A customer would call us with a bulldozer repair. A welder would be sent into the field to make the repair. If it is a small repair, it can be unbolted and brought to the shop.


A contractor may contact us to order an I-beam to use for the main beam in a structure. They would provide size specifications and we would order the beam. Once the beam arrives, it is prepared according to the drawings. Preparations may include cutting to the correct length, drilling holes, etc.


A typical request for a quote is for a specific part or multiple parts. We review the drawings to make sure it is something we can actually do. We write an estimate and submit it for approval. Once approved, the manufacturing process would begin.